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Have you noticed your balance has been off lately? Have you recently undergone surgery on a lower extremity, and are in the throes of recovery? Chances are you’re in need of vestibular rehabilitation for your condition. 

Biosway technology at Chesterton Physical Therapy in Dunes Plaza, Willowcreek Rd and Sand Creek could prove to be beneficial for your condition. Contact us today to learn more about Biosway for balance and post-surgical rehabilitation.


What is Biosway Therapy?

As stated on the Biodex website, “The BioSway is a portable balance system ideal for clinicians on the go. The lightweight instrumented platform has a large touchscreen display, is easy to transport, and sets up in minutes to provide static balance testing and training from clinic to courtside.

[…]This fixed platform assessment and training device is a powerful rehabilitation tool that can be used across a broad scope of populations for general orthopedic and neuromuscular rehabilitation, senior wellness, and athletic conditioning.”

Biosway technology can help to identify a person with high fall risk in two minutes by comparing their balance test results to age-dependent normative data. It can also be used to properly assess a person’s balance and stability if they are living with a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s, Peripheral Neuropathy, or are recovering from a stroke, to determine the best method of treatment.

Benefits of Biosway Therapy

Sometimes, patients with balance disorders will need the help of our vestibular rehabilitation therapists to cope with their condition. In each case, we will conduct a personalized evaluation of your condition, and then we will develop an individualized treatment plan that might include the use of Biosway technology.

If you’re wondering if Biosway therapy could help you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel unsteady? 
  • Do I feel as if the room is spinning around me?
  • Do I feel as if I’m moving when I know I’m sitting or standing still?
  • Do I lose my balance and fall?
  • Do I feel as if I’m falling?
  • Do I feel lightheaded or as if I might faint?
  • Do I have blurred vision?
  • Do I ever feel disoriented – losing my sense of time or location?

Perhaps the biggest pro of Biosway therapy at Chesterton Physical Therapy is its ability to help patients with vestibular disorders and dizziness issues. There are more than a dozen causes of dizziness and many reasons why you might have difficulty with your balance.

Treatment of balance & dizziness disorders can be very complex. Nevertheless, Chesterton Physical Therapy in Dunes Plaza, Willowcreek Rd and Sand Creek has helped numerous patients cope with or recover from conditions that cause balance disorders with the use of Biosway therapy.

Vestibular therapy includes balance retraining exercises which are meant to stabilize and steady a patient while they are walking or standing. This is accomplished through improvements made to their levels of coordination, their muscle responses, and the ways they organize sensory information. 

Post-surgical rehabilitation

If you’ve recently had surgery on your hip, knee, ankle, or you’ve recently undergone an amputation, the BioSway could be a valuable tool for addressing any balance deficiencies you may have developed.

Therapy with this machine for post-surgical rehab will involve lower extremity strengthening, and balance evaluation to speed up recovery.

Our physical therapists can also help increase your strength and coordination to help lower your risk of falling and getting hurt during daily activities, such as navigating stairs, use the bathroom or exercise.

Contact Chesterton Physical Therapy in Dunes Plaza, Willowcreek Rd and Sand Creek for an appointment


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