Our Team

Jerry Osborne, COTA

Jerry Osborne is a dedicated and compassionate physical therapy professional with seven years of experience in the field. He graduated from Brown Mackie College in August 2015 and has since been committed to helping patients recover and improve their quality of life. Jerry’s passion for physical therapy was ignited after experiencing its transformative power firsthand when he underwent therapy for an injury sustained while serving in the US Navy.

What Jerry enjoys most about working at Chesterton PT are the new daily challenges he faces, allowing him to continuously grow and adapt as a professional. He is particularly skilled in catering to his patients’ needs and strives to make every one of them feel special during their therapy sessions.

Jerry is inspired by the opportunity to change a person’s life for the better and is driven by the principle that hard work pays off. Even in instances where he may not achieve the desired outcome, he takes pride in knowing that he gave his very best effort.

In his spare time, Jerry cherishes moments spent with his family. His wife, whom he considers the rock of their family, is his personal hero. Jerry’s sense of humor is another defining trait, as he finds joy in making people laugh, even if it means poking fun at himself.

With a life philosophy centered around the belief that hard work and dedication yield results, Jerry is a valuable asset to Chesterton PT and to the patients whose lives he positively impacts.