Our Team

Brooke Glover, PTA

Brooke likes working at Chesterton PT because of the atmosphere. Each staff member adds a special trait that makes this clinic such a friendly/welcoming environment. She is in this line of work because I love being a part of a specialized treatment process, using exercises and the anatomy of the human body, to help someone else feel physically better. She has watched various family members endure surgeries that have required physical therapy as the postoperative treatment and saw how much it helped decrease their pain, increase their strength, increase their mobility, and ultimately allowed them to be able to perform normal activities of daily living with greater ease. Brooke is currently in the process of completing pelvic floor courses in order to increase her knowledge base on this subject to implement with her patients. Brooke is inspired by being a part of and watching her patients improve. She loves helping her patients achieve their goals and is able to see how much joy it brings them. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends Her hero is her grandfather. Something that is funny about Brooke is that she plays with her hair when she is in deep thought/concentration. Her life principle/philosophy is that life is too short to be anything but happy.