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Experience A New Level Of Recovery At Chesterton Physical Therapy Clinic!

At Chesterton Physical Therapy Clinic in Indiana, you aren’t just a patient. You are part of our family. We pride ourselves on individualized care. Our therapists take the time to answer your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with your treatment plan.

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Watch how we help people like you reach their goals!

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Like These Patients!

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I have pelvic pain. I now have less pain and improvement in dealing with the cause of the pain. Better sleep was achieved. My advice to others is to listen to your therapist! What they advise really does help you.

~ Andrea T.

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy for pelvic floor weakness. I now have better bladder control and less leakage. My advice to others is to do it! It did help me a lot with no surgery!

~ Cristina J.

I came to Chesterton Physical Therapy because I hurt my knee and it was not getting better with just rest and ice. I have had knee pain before during my normal activities of running and other general exercise, but never sought help when it hurt. This time I decided to get help. I now know exercises to help strengthen the muscles that affect my knee and running. My knee pain is virtually nonexistent and now I feel more confident because of the stretches and exercises I have learned. Stick with it and do your homework. Come with an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

~ Jacob D.

I came to CPT because I fractured my right ankle playing basketball. I had troubles walking and running in certain direcitons. They helped me out to where I am now able to play soccer and basketball with no problims. Listen to your therapist and make sure to do what they say, it. will help alot!

~ Alyssa O.

I needed help. I was in bad shape. I couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. I had trouble walking and was in a wheelchair when I first started and now I can walk with a cane! I enjoyed working with all the PTA’s. They were very nice and professional. Do the work, it will pay off.

~ Albert S.

I had heard of a couple of great recommendations (about CPT) and wanted to improve the strength and mobility of my knee. Every day I was greeted by smiling, friendly faces and knowledgeable therapists that are really comminited to help you improve. Carol made it fun and productive! Some of the exercises can be a little tough, however, keep at it for a great outcome!

~ Anita B.



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